My name is Jack I am Happily married to my very patient wife, Kelly. We Have a son Maddox, and our daughter Lincoln. My martial arts journey technically started some 16 years ago in a garage in glassport training Jeet Kun Do. If you include the grappling arts, my journey started over 40 years ago under my beloved youth wrestling Coach Tony Gusic.
I started Wrestling in 1978 as a youth. With some hard work, but mostly superior coaching and teammates, I would eventually become
USKids freestyle Regional champ 1984
I also was coached by 2 PIAA greats , coach Tony Piccioni and Coach Steve Deaugastino. I would eventually wrestle my way to a
Piaa section runner up in 1990
With over1,000+ Folkstyle, Freestyle, and greco roman competition bouts, I received The Brotherhood of Wrestling award in 1990.
I served in the U.S. Navy directly after High School, where we had a wrestling club on base for anyone
who wanted to further their love of the sport. My last competitive wrestling tournament was a Silver medal in a MAWA freestyle tourney in 2001 at age 29.
Then I gravitated towards MMA to further my thirst for competition. I felt combat sports were a good fit in order to utilize my years of grappling experience in a competitive environment.
Then I found no-gi BJJ.
Wrestling with no stalling? …and you can choke people! I was hooked.

I was the Western Pennsylvania – GI MASTER HWT CHAMP in 2010 and also the no-gi absolute champ 2010 as well.
Ive gone on to win 25+ regional Tourney medals in both gi and no-gi over the past 15 years.
My striking experience was mainly trained and developed during the early 2000’s and fine tuned in 2006 when I decided to step into the cage and compete in MMA. I was undefeated as an amateur.
I had a 3-0 MMA record
With 1 Tko, 1 UD, and a 3rd round submission over a brown belt Pan Am champ. During my MMA days i would train in the disciplines of boxing, kickboxing, and some JKD, and Muay Thai.
I was also Former owner and head coach of Tactical Fight Systems from 2005-2013 where I traveled with my fighters to compete mainly in regional MMA fights out of state, due to Mixed Martial Arts being illegal in Pennsylvania at the time.
Now, it’s Back to my first Love, my roots. Back to my grappling. Spending the last 5 years looking for a
home and training primarily in the gi, a new chapter begins.
I received my purple belt in 2020 and I am now a Proud purple belt and head coach of 7Seas Jiu-Jitsu Lifestyle Brand Pittsburgh. I am so Blessed! With such an incredible lineage that Professor Zezinho Mota encompasses, i couldn’t be more proud to be a part of this team. TO BE CONTINUED!!!

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